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Moon's Wonder
Harbor View 8_ x 8_
Table for Three 30_ x 30_
Finding One's Path 20_ x 24_
Feeling The Love
Glass Silhouettes 30"x24"
Life is Good 24"x24"

We see wondrous, beautiful, and colorful reality everyday. The object for me is not to reproduce reality but try to bring an experience to the viewer. By engaging you with my artwork I hope to take you away from your day to day thoughts. 

I truly love the process of creating and seeing things in a different way, which is represented in my paintings. I have been passionate about art since I can remember.

Thank you for appreciating the arts and my aesthetics. 


I work mainly as a contemporary artist and enjoy abstracting reality. I continue my studies through educational courses and workshops throughout the region.  My paintings have been featured and sold in a number of juried shows and galleries across the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Some of the galleries and venues include The Cerulean Gallery, Lancaster Visitor Center, Arch Enemy Gallery, Artist Unite Show and the InLiquid Art & Design Gallery. I was also featured as the cover artist in the Chester County Medicine Magazine (see my About page for more info).

Abbe Resnick

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

I am pleased to announce I will have original work displayed at the 51st Annual Yellow Springs Art Show from April 27-May 12 2024!

I will be exhibiting my work at the Easttown Library in Bryn Mawr, PA between 4/26-5/11. The opening night reception info is below!!!


"Abbe Resnick is an abstract painter with a confident approach to composition. She adds energetic line and texture with intuitive ease and boldly paints-out or buries elements on the canvas when they don’t serve her intended design. Abbe’s color palette changes with each piece-evidence that she is experimental and not relying on a formula. Her color combinations and arrangements are fresh, complimentary and balanced."

- Karen Delaney, Exhibitions Curator, Chester County Art Association

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